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Khushi & Mahwish: The Women Behind The Success Gala!

Society Standards have defined an age, and a number for Women to bear children, have a family, and get married. But founding their own company, their Brand is the last thing on the checklist, I Doubt even if its there.

Khushi & Mahwish: The Women Behind The Success Gala!

Admin|03 October 2023




Crack! Crack! ..Oh! We Broke a Stereotype!

Society Standards have defined an age, and a number for Women to bear children, have a family, and get married. But founding their own company, their Brand is the last thing on the checklist, I Doubt even if it's there.

It’s a little unexpected even now, But these two Girls - Khushi Vijayvargiya and Mahwish Khan didn't care about that they kept on digging the sand to build a beautiful Castle named Qualimatrix - A Young Adrenaline Rush in QA Testing vertical.

Software Testing and Embedded Testing Have Several Key

“We are not Women Centralised; We are Women Empowered’

This is What Mahwish, Co-Founder of Qualimatrix said standing at the centre stage of the Annual Meet of Qualimatrix.

This statement was self-sufficient to describe the capacity of the vision that Qualimatrix Holds at every step.

But this statement has its own story of empathy, and vision and speaks of Good command over Leadership Abilities.

How was Qualimatrix Born?

Qualimatrix was born when the world was shaken by COVID-19, and there was a complete State of Dormancy.Qualimatrix was born when the Recession was banging on the Doors and opportunities were on Short Breaths. In the Times when doors were shut, Khushi and Mahwish had plans to open them Wide.

All Big Brands Started small, and so did this one, with two laptops, Wi-Fi, a Connection, A Quiet Room, Two Strong Headed and determined girls, Their Vision, and God’s Grace on them. That’s it! Yes, That’s how We became one of India’s emerging brands offering QA Services in a very short period, and are persistent in being the leading one for this vertical.

Why are We 70% Females

Some brands host International and National Conferences and lucrative events Discussing and promoting Gender Equity and other facsimiles at a very global scale. But when you get to talk with their female staff in person the reality doesn't match the Neon Dazzling Reflection.

Let it be an Absurd Question at the time of the interview, or a Question about the ability of women to take the responsibility of Higher Management. There are still a handful that focus more on the embarking and beautiful Exclamatory Victories Women Bring rather than keeping the Question tag Uptight.

And it makes us proud and teary-eyed that Mahwish and Khushi are such leaders who don't discuss or preach but Rather command equity in their Own Owned Workplace by acclaiming the strict policy of 70% Female Workforce.

As Mahwish says ‘You can only be a leader when you can be critical about a problem and come up with an affirmative solution for that’.

Their recognition of the unnecessary career void that makes women fall off track was something that made them take this decision, And being completely Remote for the Tech Team just made the decision Wiser, and not to mention after implementing both these policies there was nothing that could stop Qualimatrix to outshine as QA Service Provider QA Service provider.

Why are we 70% Remote?

“Why make everyone hustle unnecessarily when everyone can work at their own pace?"

This is what Mahwish believes when Questioned about her take she wants to bring her employees back to the office. ?

“Marriage, ChildBirth or postpartum should not become the Reason for any woman to take a Step Back.” It’s khushi’s realisation that if we really want to increase the number of Women who are the faces of tech companies and if we really want to increase the number of females in Higher Management, Decision Making profiles we need to acknowledge the biological challenges a Woman faces and we need to create an Environment that supports them and help them Grow unconditionally. Some critical action was needed talking alone will not do!

And That’s How we stamped a Big Yes on the Remote Policy and also came with the menstrual leaves Policy. A typical business mindset might question the business aspect of this decision but a critical one would have fairly guessed how positively this decision has affected the productivity of our employees and was an aid to grow our business Numbers.

It's the Easy behaviour of the company and The Founders that makes the Employees stay here.

“You cannot Walk the Sea By merely standing and staring at the Water” -Rabindranath Tagore

This is something our Founders believe in, and this is what has made them one of the leading ladies of Tech.

A unique take on Employee Retention!

Who doesn't want to stay in a company that doesn't eat your Head away, Ha Ha …Kidding!!

We might be very happy with our paychecks but when we have to travel so much for work, manage our expenses, and stay away from home even when we know you are needed, when you know your child needs You...You can not smile at that Handsome Paycheque anymore.

It's Sad how we made this toxicity a statement for corporate culture and an integral part of our lives. Thank God the Pandemic made us realise that yes it is possible to be with your family, in your comfort zone, and still rock the Job. It was Khushi and Mahwish’s Goal to provide much-needed opportunities to every deserving Woman, Not just be the leading Women in STEM but also play a critical role in multiplying the number of women in STEM.

Fine Print

We have not written this blog to boast or to Gaga about our CEO and CTO; We have written it so you can read and reason that all dreams can come true if the blaze of faith stays ignited if your intentions stand Firm, if you can solve a problem and make people acknowledge the solution you offered and if your vision doesn't get blurred or faded no matter how high the tides of any storm tries to hit your sight. My Darling, You are the chosen one to rule!