Security and Exploratory Testing Cosmoz


Cosmoz, a finance automation software, commissioned Qualimatrix to conduct of their application.

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Overview of the project

The project's objective was to make sure the software was totally dependable, secure, and functional and to find any problems or flaws that needed to be fixed before the product was made available to the public.

Scope of the Project

Functional testing, regression testing, exploratory testing, and security testing were all part of the testing process. When problems or flaws were discovered throughout the testing process, Qualimatrix was in charge of locating them, reporting them, and making suggestions for how to fix them. The project had a four-week deadline, and testing had to be done on all of the software's primary components and features.


During the testing for Cosmoz, Our QA testers have to go through several phases of Testing.


Testing Techniques:

Functional Testing:

This testing approach was used to make sure that all of the software's features were operating properly and according to plan. This includes evaluating the software's functionality in light of certain test cases and requirements.

Regression Testing:

This was done to make sure that any modifications to the program did not have a negative effect on any functions that had been functional in the past. To make sure that previously tested modules were still functioning properly, it necessitated retesting them.

Exploratory Testing:

Using the program in an unstructured manner to find any potential problems that may not have been found during functional or regression testing.


After four weeks of thorough testing, Qualimatrix was able to locate a number of problems and flaws in the program. These issues and bugs were reported to Cosmoz along with suggestions on how to fix them. The stated difficulties were all resolved by Cosmoz, and the program was released onto the market without any significant problems. Cosmoz was able to ensure that its product was of the highest caliber and satisfied the expectations of its client's thanks to Qualimatrix's testing services.