QA strategy for NIQ, a Consumer Intelligence Forum


Market Research and Data Analysis got more compliant and on point after deploying Qualimatrix QA Strategy.

The function of Open APIs

Overview of the project

NIQ Consumer Intelligence Company is a company that conducts market research and data analytics. They have created a mobile application that offers their clients real-time customer analytics. To make sure the application was error-free, user-friendly, and secure, NIQ Consumer Intelligence Company employed Qualimatrix, a software testing firm.

Scope of the Project

The project's goals were to evaluate the mobile application for the NIQ Consumer Intelligence Company for usability, performance, security, and functionality. To ensure compatibility, the application was tested across a range of mobile platforms, operating systems, and browsers.


During the testing phase, Qualimatrix faced a number of difficulties, including:


Testing Solutions:

Qualimatrix used a number of testing strategies to efficiently test the application. These techniques comprised:

Functional Testing:

Functional testing involves evaluating the features and functionality of the program.

Regression Testing:

Regression testing verifies that the program continues to function as expected after modifications have been made.

Manual Testing

Checking the user-friendliness and navigability of the application manually.

Security Testing:

Testing the performance of the application under heavy demand to make sure it is scalable. Testing the security features of the program to make sure it is secure and free of vulnerabilities.


The mobile application for the NIQ Consumer Intelligence Company was successfully tested by Qualimatrix to make sure it was secure, user-friendly, and error-free. The customer was able to uncover and fix a number of problems with the application's functionality and performance thanks to the testing process. Qualimatrix's contributions allowed NIQ Consumer Intelligence Company to debut.