Deploying A full cycle QA test Approach For Opigo


Qualimatrix making the investment discussion forum more Compliable.

The function of Open APIs

Overview of the project

Opigo is an investment discussion forum that brings together traders, financial advisors, and investors from across the world to exchange ideas. Opigo provides an easy-to-use web platform with a variety of features, including real-time market updates, analysis tools, and a lively community forum.

Scope of the Project

Opigo made the decision to improve its web platform by adding new features including a chatbot and sophisticated analytics tools. Opigo hired Qualimatrix, a renowned provider of software testing services, to conduct extensive testing of the web platform in order to guarantee the dependability, performance, and usability of these capabilities.



Tests Performed:

Manual testing, functional testing, compatibility testing, user interface testing, and compliance testing were just a few of the types of tests that Qualimatrix carried out. To verify that it operated without a hitch on all platforms, the team tested the platform on a variety of devices and operating systems. They also evaluated the chatbot's functionality, including its capacity to comprehend customer inquiries and deliver precise answers.


The Opigo team was pleased with the outcomes and the success of Qualimatrix's testing services. Before implementing the additional features, the team was able to find and address a number of problems, making sure the platform was dependable, safe, and user-friendly. The chatbot performed admirably and went above and beyond Oppigo's expectations by giving users timely, precise answers to their inquiries.