Functional and Compatibility Testing For PrepMonkey.


PrepMonkey was made a better and more interactive e-learning platform for Android and iOs after deploying the QA testing strategy.

The function of Open APIs

Project Overview

PrepMonkey is a GMAT preparation platform that educate globally. This splendid learning platform was rigorously Tested by Qualimatrix QA professionals. PrepMonkey has a Global Audience thus Qualimatrix makes sure that the application is User friendly, Functional, Qualitative, Responsive, and compatible with the client's needs.

Scope of the Project

For Mobile applications, QA experts deploy testing methods like user Interface Testing, Functional Testing, Security Testing, Usability Testing, Compatibility, and Regression Testing for making both interfaces responsive for every user. Making the login profile and dashboard more attractive, deploying API testing by postman. Security, and Responsive for the users was also one big task that Qualimatrix QA Testers deployed with much Finesse.


During the testing of Prep Monkey's GMAT preparation platform, Qualimatrix encountered a number of difficulties.


Testing Techniques:

Functional Testing:

To make sure the application was operating as intended, Qualimatrix carried out functional testing. They evaluated each program function to make sure it worked as intended, and they documented any problems they encountered.

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Regression Testing:

To make sure that any upgrades or modifications made to the application did not impact its current functionality, Qualimatrix carried out regression testing. This was done to make sure that following any updates or changes, the program was stable and free of any new bugs or defects.

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Qualimatrix successfully evaluated Prep Monkey's GMAT training program and provided a thorough report outlining the problems discovered. The report aided Prep Monkey's development team in quickly resolving the problems and making sure the program was reliable and error-free. Additionally, the testing revealed areas that needed development, enabling Prep Monkey to enhance its program and give users a better experience.