Manual Testing and Load Testing for a marketing and Advertising Agency SpotKSA


Qualimatrix made SpotKSA marketing and Advertising get global in the Digital space.

The function of Open APIs

Overview of the project

Leading advertising firm KSA Marketing and Advertising offers a variety of services to its clients. The business created an application to simplify its advertising services and make it simpler for customers to use them. Before making the application available to the public, KSA Marketing and Advertising needed to make sure it was free of faults and problems. As a result, they hired Qualimatrix, a software testing firm, to carry out an extensive examination of their application.

Scope of the Project

The application for KSA Marketing and Advertising was tested by Qualimatrix. The project's scope called for testing each aspect of the application to make sure it was operating properly. Functional, regression, manual, load, and security testing were all included in this.


Testing the program across a variety of platforms and devices to make sure it was compatible with all devices was one of the obstacles encountered during the project. Additionally, Qualimatrix had to work swiftly and effectively to meet the project's short deadline in order to complete the tests. (only IOS)

Testing Techniques:

To make sure the application was working properly, Qualimatrix employed multiple testing approaches. These comprised:

Functional Testing:

Functional testing involves checking the functionality of the application to make sure it was operating as planned. To guarantee that all of the application's features were working properly, Qualimatrix tested each one.

Regression Testing:

Regression testing involves testing the application after changes were made to make sure the modifications did not adversely affect the application's current functionalities.

Manual Testing:

Manual Testing: This entailed testing the application by hand in order to find any problems or mistakes that automated testing might have overlooked.

In order to make sure that the application could handle high traffic levels without crashing, load testing was used to evaluate the program's performance under significant user traffic.


KSA Marketing and Advertising's application was successfully tested by Qualimatrix, and all problems and faults were found and corrected. Prior to being released to the general public, testing make sure the application was in good working order and free of any problems. KSA Marketing and Advertising was pleased with the outcomes and, secure in the knowledge that the application had been thoroughly examined by professionals, released it to the general public.